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StackSummit: Build The Team

Building a strong team is both the most challenging aspect of growing a company and the most important job of a founder. The ability to find, attract and hire the right talent is the key to building a great company.

And as you grow your company from 1 employee to 10, to 30, to 100+, what happens to your startup team? Your culture? How do you manage and lead your growing team? As an early-stage startup with limited resources, how do you hire the right people for your company?

We're prepared to answer these questions and more at StackSummit: Build The Team hosted by Stacklist and Greenhouse.

Together with Greenhouse, we’re providing a full day of panels and lessons that will equip you with the best tips, tactics, and tools to build a startup team. You’ll hear from founders and experts from some of the most successful companies in New York that have grown teams from 1 to 100+.

Confirmed Speakers

Daniel Chait, Co-founder & CEO at Greenhouse
Roni Frank, Co-founder of Talkspace
Vivek Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at Movable Ink
Sue Choe, Chief People Officer at Petal
Saman Rahmanian, Co-founder & CPO at Ro
Brad Hargreaves, Founder & CEO of Common
Galyn Bernard, Co-founder at Primary
Liz Wessel, Co-founder & CEO at WayUp
Polly Rodriguez, Founder & CEO at Unbound
Cheryl Roubian, VP of People at Greenhouse
Gerard Ohen, VP of Talent Acquisition at Oscar
Ariana Moon, Recruiting Manager at Greenhouse
Jonathan Wasserstrum, Founder & CEO of SquareFoot
Andy Lister, Director of Engineering at Greenhouse
Michelle Sarhis, Recruiting Lead at Artsy
Jaime Petkanics, VP of People at Brooklinen
Sanj Sanampudi, Co-founder & CEO of Concert 
Tom Gerrity, Director of Talent Acquisition at STASH
Katie DiCioccio, Tech Recruiting Manager at Greenhouse
Charlie O'Donnell, Founder & Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
Beau Haugh, Head of Engineering at Betaworks Studios


8:30 AM - Registration, Breakfast & Networking

Doors open at 8:30 AM.

9:00 AM - Introductions & Kickoff

  • Amanda Moskowitz, Founder & CEO of Stacklist

9:05 AM - Keynote: Becoming a Talent Maker

The ability to find, attract and hire the right talent is the fundamental source of value and competitiveness in business. People who understand this prioritize hiring, and we call these people Talent Makers.

When you're making your first hires, every new teammate is part of the company's foundation, and you have a chance to build a strong culture of talent making right from the start. In this session you'll learn the mindset of a Talent Maker and hear some tips on how to become a Talent Maker for your company

  • Daniel Chait, Co-founder & CEO of Greenhouse

10:00 AM - Recruiting: Building a Startup Team (Panel)

Recruiting is arguably the most important job of a founder during the early stages and well beyond. We’ll speak with successful founders about how they built their initial team including topics like crafting the right roles and attracting a talented and hard-working set of candidates. We’ll hear about their challenges and frustrations along the way - and what they’d change next time. 

  • Saman Rahmanian, Co-founder & CPO of Ro

  • Galyn Bernard, Co-founder of Primary

  • Tom Gerrity, Director of Talent Acquisition at STASH

  • Moderated by Charlie O'Donnell, Founder & Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

11:00 AM - Creating a Structured Hiring Process (Lesson)

Structured hiring is an approach to hiring that spans when a role is first defined to when a hiring decision is made. It is designed to provide a consistent interviewing experience for all parties involved. In this practical session, you will hear how to structured hiring can benefit your recruiting process, common obstacles and objections and how to overcome them, and an action plan for implementing structured hiring at your organization.

  • Ariana Moon, Recruiting Manager at Greenhouse

11:20 AM - Writing a Great Job Description (Lesson)

A job description is sometimes the first impression someone will have of your growing startup. How do you write a job ad, that both encompasses the responsibilities of the role you're hiring for, and excites people to apply to your startup? We'll cover this and best practices for pithy and effective job descriptions.

  • Michelle Sarhis, Recruiting Lead at Artsy

11:40 AM - Compensation for Early-Stage Startups (Lesson)

A talk on compensation structures for startups. How can early-stage startups think about compensating their early employees in resourceful,

  • Sanj Sanampudi, Co-founder & CEO of Concert

12:00 PM - Lunch by Ox Verte & Networking

1:00 PM - Building a Diverse Team: Prioritizing Diversity & Avoiding Bias (Panel)

Achieving the goal of diversity and inclusion seems to all too often be a conversation about frustration, futility and, tragically, checkboxes. What can founders and early employees do to make their companies, management practices and recruiting more attractive to candidates that have historically been marginalized in tech and startups? What inherent biases in how we define jobs or recruit and interview for them are we acting on without realizing it? How can we be better - as founders, managers, teams - and build an inclusive, thriving culture? Panelists include

  • Liz Wessel, Co-founder & CEO of WayUp

  • Polly Rodriguez, Co-founder & CEO of Unbound

  • Cheryl Roubian, VP of People at Greenhouse

  • Gerard Ohen, VP of Talent Acquisition at Oscar

2:00 PM - Measure What Matters: Managing Performance at a Startup (Panel)

What are the best practices for creating a culture and environment where everyone on the team performs at their best? On this panel, we’ll discuss how startup founders reconcile a goal-oriented culture in the midst of a company or product that is still evolving. We’ll learn about the tools and tactics they use to monitor performance and provide accurate and meaningful feedback, as well as the more artful nature of just being a good person in the management role. Other specific topics we’ll discuss include setting and tracking goals, performance reviews, managing employees through challenging times and even performance managing yourself as the founder.

  • Sue Choe, Chief People Officer at Petal

  • Vivek Sharma, Co-founder & CEO of Movable Ink

  • Brad Hargreaves, Founder & CEO of Common

3:00 PM - AMA on Culture Building

  • Cheryl Roubian, VP of People at Greenhouse

  • Sue Choe, Chief People Officer at Petal

  • Jaime Petkanics, VP of People at Brooklinen

3:30 PM - Building a Technical Team (Panel)

Tech talent is in high demand. When hiring engineers and highly skilled tech workers, every company is competing with Google, Facebook and Amazon. Our panel will deliver actionable suggestions to the most vexing questions: How do you stand out and win top talent? How do you ensure that your hiring managers are highly engaged and personally involved? How do you address the challenges around diversity in tech teams?

  • Katie DiCioccio, Tech Recruiting Manager at Greenhouse

  • Andy Lister, Director of Engineering at Greenhouse

  • Jonathan Wasserstrum, Founder & CEO of SquareFoot

  • Moderated by Beau Haugh, Head of Engineering at Betaworks

4:30 PM - Closing Keynote

  • Roni Frank, Co-founder of Talkspace

5:15 PM - Drinks & Networking

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