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When you have a business that is seeking to raise capital, open a bank account, hire employees, and more, it is a good idea to have a small business attorney by your side. Your small business will be better protected from the risks and liabilities of your business; your startup will be more attractive to potential investors; and you will have peace of mind knowing that our firm offers comprehensive business formation services.

startup package

  • 30-minute - 1 hour consultation

  • LLC or Corporation Formation

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws

  • Business License or LLC Publication

  • LLC or Corporate Records





All agreements should be in writing even with your most trusted business partners, service providers, and advisers. Experienced business owners will always use an attorney and never a template. Many of them have made costly mistakes in the beginning by relying on a verbal promise or by using a template they did not understand.

While you are building your business, protect it from future contingencies.



  • Employee Agreements

  • Employment Handbook

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

  • Service Agreement

  • Privacy Policy / Terms of Use

  • Nondisclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement

  • and more





When your business is ready to expand, our firm will be there beside you. You may be opening a new location. You may be hiring an executive team. You may be offering more products and services. Hire an outside general counsel to review your agreements for your business on a regular basis and for a flat monthly fee.

outside general


  • Contract drafting and review

  • Regular advising

  • IP protection, monitoring, and enforcement

  • Keeping client informed of recent changes in the law