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Stacklist Event: Startup Basics: Advice on Legal, HR, & Finance

  • Alley Chelsea, NY (map)

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““If you know the basics, you can get yourself set up in the right way, avoid pain, stop worrying about it, and then concentrate on what you actually want to do, which is make your company a success.” - Kirsty Nathoo, Partner and CFO at Y Combinator

Starting a company can be needlessly complicated and tedious - there’s extensive paperwork, bank visits, legal complexities, and several fees. Many will have to answer questions like “how do I set up payroll?”, “should I file as an S-Corp, C-Corp, or LLC?”, “what docs should I complete to protect my IP?” - all important things to consider for a nascent startup.

Setting up your company correctly will save you lots of pains as your company grows. We’re dedicating a night to topics founders might not give a lot of thought about - startup basics on accounting/finance, HR/payroll, legal, and incorporation.

We’ll have 4 experts give presentations on managing your basic legal and accounting issues so you can focus on building your company. We’ll discuss

  • HR and Payroll fundamentals like setting up comp packages, wages, contracts, benefits, and compliance

  • Legal concerns around trademarking, IP, and lawyers

  • Incorporating your business and the steps involved

  • Accounting and Finance basics for taxes, insurance, assets, and management

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6:30 - 6:50: Drinks & Networking
6:50 - 8:15: Presentations
8:15 - 9:00: More Drinks & Networking

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Stacklist hosts startup events in NYC to help entrepreneurs learn from successful founders & experts. Previous speakers have included the founders of Greenhouse, Movable Ink,, and Techstars. You can find all of our past events and speakers here!

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