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Where Company Becomes Community. Space has the power to transform business—unlocking the potential of people and organizations. Intentional design, warm hospitality, and flexible solutions enable your team to do its best work.

Note: WeWork offers month-to-month memberships that you can cancel at any time. You have access to the members network online and access to book any WeWork conference rooms. The hospitality I received at 1875 K St., NW has consistently been top-notch, and my colleagues agree. Hospitality/customer service can vary depending on your location, but I think you will be fine wherever you go in DC.

The Wing is a network of community & work spaces designed for women.

Note: The Wing is a membership only community, which means you have to apply and your application approved before you can become a member. My understanding is that you are locked in to a one-year contract.

Workwell is a wellness oriented community workspace at Take Care in Washington, DC. They offer members the following benefits:

  • Regular sessions of desk yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques

  • Meditation cushions + aromatherapy bar for thoughtful work breaks

  • Member sale day at Take Care and discounts on classes & workshops

  • Monthly reception to get to know one another better!

  • Welcome tote with thoughtful goods for a positive working experience

  • Exclusive content for Workwell members

  • Complimentary coffee + healthy snacks and refreshments

  • A supportive, kind environment that is safe for people of all identities


Membership is $95 a month and can be canceled at any time.


workwell@takecareshopdc.com or 202-717-2600.

Hours & Location:

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm + As available on the weekends. 
Location: 1338 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Note: This is a fun idea to have a coworking space in a retail shop. Take Care shop is a natural skincare shop in Georgetown. Great for shopaholics! Side note: I wonder when they’ll start offering co-working spaces in yoga studios. They’ve already started offering co-working at restaurants during the daytime. Ex. Kettlespace.

We are proud of the community we have created! Our light-filled space is an energetic, creative and motivating environment for all kinds of tasks. The Workroom Cooperative boasts a very popular supervised child drop-off option, a rotating art gallery, a robust social and education workshop series, a great location for shopping and restaurants in Spring Valley, DC and plenty of membership options to meet your needs.