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Understanding the Licensing Basics for Industrial Trades

  • DCRA Small Business Resource Center 1100 4th Street, SW, E-200 (map)

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Training Topics: Building Permits, Business Licensing, Business Start-up/Preplanning, Corporate Registration

The DCRA Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) is partnerning with the Office of Professional Licensing (OPLA) to host a workshop to present on the following topics: 

Board of Industrial Trades – Protects the public, health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the District of Columbia. Learn about licensing requirements for all trades, such as Electricians, Elevator Trades, Plumbers, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics.

Investigations Unit – Explores validity of complaints against businesses and professional licensees providing services in and/or to the District of Columbia.

Corporations – Registers all entities–domestic (DC) or foreign (non-District)–that conduct business in the District of Columbia.

Business Licensing – Regulates business activity in the District of Columbia by licensing business owners and operators according to the business activity conducted (i.e., convenience stores, home improvement, residential rentals, restaurants, etc.) and location.

Permits – Issues permits to build according to a specific scope of work, including approved plans. Permits are required for construction in the District of Columbia and any modification of permit scope or approved plans must be specifically approved.



Subject matter experts will be available to answer questions.