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DC Small Business Week: Business Succession Planning and Employee Ownership

  • THEARC: Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus 1901 Mississippi Ave, SE (map)

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Are you a small business owner considering retirement? This free workshop will focus on business succession planning and explore the possibility of selling your business to your employees. You’ll also learn about the two most common forms of broad-based employee ownership: worker cooperatives and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). The session will include a discussion of the process by which a sale to employees commonly occurs. Register Here:


Organizer of Employee Ownership and Business Succession Planning

Established in 1987, the Washington Area Community Investment Fund’s mission is to promote equity and economic opportunity in underserved neighborhoods in the Washington, DC region. Our mission is driven by three strategic pillars: inclusive entrepreneurship, community wealth building, and equitable economic development, and is fulfilled by providing access to capital products and services, and capacity building technical assistance to low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs.