Client Spotlight: Fathom Design Company

[T]he perception of value is carefully crafted.
— Fathom Design Company

Fathom Design Company is taking over New York! Its proprietor, Kelly Dunn, creates thoughtful spaces designed to evoke emotions like intrigue, comfort and ease, and confidence. Have you ever considered what emotions a curved receptionist desk could evoke versus an angled receptionist desk? Have you considered what kinds of designs could boost employee retention? Or bring your ideal millennial customers through your doors?

Kelly has considered all of these questions and more for her clients. On her blog, you’ll learn that a curved receptionist desk produces feelings of calm and ease while an angled receptionist desk can evoke a feeling of danger. It’s all about PERCEPTION! The perception of luxury, for example, when you see gold fixtures in bars and restaurants. The perception of INNOVATION that could generate more innovation and creativity in your workplace.

I’m blown away by the depth of thought and consideration that goes into designing commercial spaces. I’m also inspired to spruce up my own workspace so that my furniture can send subliminal messages of calm to me during work hours. Maybe I’ll get rid of my angled desk for a curved one!

An office that is designed with these elements in mind shows leadership, attention to detail, and respect for even the smallest of concerns, therefore building trust and a perception of excellence.
— Fathom Design Company

Kelly’s work more than speaks for itself. Check it out here and get in touch with her!

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