Startup Resource Guides


Many first-time business owners reach out to my firm for business advice in addition to legal advice. While we’re not qualified to give business advice, we may be able to point you in the right direction. The guides listed here are not exhaustive. They are more of a collection of some interesting events, spaces, networking groups, incubators, and accelerators happening in your community.

I’ve joined, visited, and attended many of them. Some resources I add because I want to find out more or I think they would be interesting to startups. I’m not sponsored by anyone. All opinions are my own.

What is different about these guides compared to others is that they are location-specific. For the moment at least, I don’t plan to build lists of VC firms, angel investors, or family offices. There are many websites that cater to the national interest in startups. I think there are fewer that cater to the local community.

The guides are works in progress and always will be. Enjoy!


District of Columbia (DC)

DC is home to cherry blossoms, the National Mall, and most importantly, the federal government. There are lots of government contractors and aspiring government contractors in the DC metropolitan area. Some started their careers working for the government or at a major consulting firm like Booz Allen. Now they are ready to disrupt outdated federal systems with faster and better technology or cater to the 300,000+ federal workers in the DC area. Others are taking advantage of the $7.3 billion dollar retail and restaurant industry in DC. We all just want to have our business lunches (and eat it too).

New York City (NY)

NYC is gritty. Businesses have to compete and come out on top if they want to survive here. Customers are demanding and expect immediate service. Rent prices are sky high. Loneliness can loom over the solo startup founder. But New York is also full of opportunities. People are kinder than you think, and community can be easy to find no matter what your MO. I mean, it’s home to The Morbid Anatomy Museum and The Museum of the American Gangster. You won’t have a problem finding your tribe here. If your business can make it here, your business can make it anywhere.

New Jersey (NJ)

You have to live in New Jersey to truly appreciate it. It is often overshadowed by its New York and Philadelphia neighbors, but New Jersey is full of suburbanites and students who want to start a creative or professional business venture. The shark, Barbara Corcoran, was born and raised in Edgewater, NJ. Here’s a good quote by her: “The joy is in the getting there. The beginning years of starting your business, the camaraderie when you’re in the pit together, are the best years of your life. So rather than being so focused on when you get big and powerful, if you can just get the juice out of that . . . don’t miss it.”